Huevos Burnellos      $11

2 scrambled or poached eggs, hash browns, black beans, green chili, cheese, salsa, all on top of corn tortilla chips.  Includes bacon pieces or elk chorizo crumbles

Sweet Stuffed French Toast      Half $8, Full $12

Italian wheat bread stuffed with cream cheese, fresh fruit, and nuts. 

Vermont Sticky Maple Syrup, Side of local elk chorizo or bacon.

Savory Fried Chicken Stuffed in French Toast    $8

Our version of “Chicken and Waffles.”  French toast stuffed with 3 oz. Fried Chicken Breast

Biscuits and Elk Sausage Gravy     $9  (Add 3 oz. fried chicken breast $4)

Local elk chorizo, homemade biscuit and country gravy

Sweet Potato Sunshine     $7   (Add a poached or scrambled egg, $1 each)

Breakfast bowl with fresh greens, sweet potatoes, black beans, and green chili

Fried Chicken Sandwich     Half $8, Full $12

Colorado natural fried chicken, greens on a hoagie, add your own remoulade, raspberry chipotle sauce, or BBQ

Shrimp and Grits with Bacon    $14

Pan-fried polenta sticks topped with onion, bell pepper, jalapeño, four large shrimp, bacon, and our secret sauce.  Includes a side of greens

Shrimp and Bacon Po-Boy Southwest Style     $12    

Four large shrimp, bacon, bell pepper, onion, jalapeño, remoulade, and greens.   Sautéed with our secret sauce, all on a hoagie roll                          

Chicken Salad Sandwich    $9.50

Southern chicken salad sandwich with grapes, nuts, fresh herbs, mayonnaise, and yogurt.  On a French baguette with local greens

Italian Sausage   $8

Hoagie roll, onion, bell pepper

Fresh Green Garden Salad     $8   (Add Chicken Salad or 3 large shrimp $4)

Fresh greens and vegetables, salad dressing of the day

Kids Menu

French Toast Sticks    $4

Cheese Quesadilla    $4

Hot Dog    $4

Chicken Fingers    $4


Sides and Additions

$2      Two poached or scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, hash browns,

biscuit, salsa, green chili

$3     Bacon, Elk chorizo, Italian breakfast sausage


$4    3 oz Chicken, 3 Large Shrimp



$2.50   Bottomless Coffee and Iced Tea, Sprite, Diet Coke, Bottled Coke, Sparkling Water, Orange Juice


Local Ingredients

Milk and Creamer – Rocking W Ranch, Olathe

Eggs – Dayspring Eggs, Olathe

Elk Chorizo – Kinikin Processing, Montrose

Chicken – Frontiere Natural, Denver

Italian Sausage – Polidori Sausage, Denver

Greens – Our own garden, Calder Farm, Gunnison Gardens, and various Western Slope

Coffee – Allegro Organic Early Bird Blend, Boulder